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Oct 16, 2017

WRC 7 has brought us a new game for the saga that is very recommendable if you love racing games, it is a very known brand that offers the possibility to live each year’s championship, making it a game that recycles itself by adding the new stages, cars, teams and features that comes up every year, but that is what happens with sports games; they try to make it as real as posible so that’s why they tend to stick to what happens in the actual season. In my opinion they could try to fix the graphics and physics just a bit because, for example the behaviour of the car, when getting out of the track or having collisions, is not very good.

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Aug 21, 2017

In conclusion, Shadow of Mordor is the best LOTR game I have played in a long time, it reaches the expectations and although some are very critic on the similarity with the assassin's creed system, I have to say I really enjoyed playing this epic game full of emotion, adrenaline and a soundtrack that will blow up your mind. The challenge of completing the campaing 100% will make you spend hours of fun, as the secondary missions are very attractive and challenging but keeping a balance that makes them achievable for any player investing a moderate quantity of time, it is not just a game that incudes high definition graphics and sound quality, but much more than that.

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