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May 31, 2019

I don’t believe Eko Software have made an ARPG before, let alone one based on such a storied franchise, so I applaud them for tackling such a project. Luckily for Eko Software and Bigben Interactive they’re onto a winner. The game looks and feels like an ARPG made by an experienced team, and it’s a more than worthy entrant into the top tier of Warhammer games. There are some issues with music and textures, and the “pay to revive” mechanic does make dying a lot less of a problem. One thing to note is the Season Pass. Plans include content that enhances characters, thus making the game easier. There is also additional story content scheduled for DLC four. The first two DLC packs will confer new passive skills and a new skill tree to players. Packs three and four will include new companions and story content. As the Season Pass technically allows players to have an advantage over non-paying players, it warrants mentioning. Nonetheless, Eko Software have done a fine job and should be very proud of themselves.

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