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Paw Patrol/Mighty Pups: Save Adventure Bay does nothing to save itself from being mediocre and a weak attempt to take advantage of an easily exciting franchise. To me, the game was almost offensive, with its generic take and the developer's hope that name recognition carries it – which it almost did. Like I said earlier, I am not the demographic for the game. Being six, my son liked the game, but I could tell he sees the faults in it.

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7 / 10.0 - Shu
Feb 5, 2018

The actions of the characters are stiff but somehow the developer still created smooth and flowing gameplay. The platforming itself is complaint free and, once again, the score and level design are beautiful. The key word for this review is relaxing. Shu didn't blow me away as a platformer but it's still a really solid and enjoyable game.

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