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Rodrigo Bulhões

Lagoa, São Miguel, Azores, Portugal

Favorite Games:
  • Kingdom Hearts 2
  • Final Fantasy X
  • Devil May Cry 3

23 games reviewed
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Loves RPG's since birth as does fast games with spectacular action. Simply cannot live without the awesome world of videogames.
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Mar 22, 2019

Cursed Castilla has a simple purpose, which is to reproduce the experience of extremely demanding games of older generations, and it does a good job at that, as the game is very tough, simple to learn and competently draws inspiration from the most proinent classics. The game's ambition stops there and Cursed Castilla does not aim to go higher, as it doesn't do a lot to stand out from other similar games.

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Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story returns, this time to the 3DS in a new version of the original which might not be a revolution but brings its mix of charming visuals, soundtrack, gameplay mechanics and humour. The additional Bowser Jr. component does not bring extraordinary changes but this is a good and enjoyable experience that brings back one of the most memorable RPGs featuring some of Nintendo's most beloved characters.

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Feb 15, 2019

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy brings forth a gameplay that features combat and puzzle-solving in an Ancient Egypt background and with lots of humor all around, especially from a protagonist who's supposed to be dead. As an example of a good port from a previous generation, Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy is an enjoyable experience that can easily find its place with nearly everyone.

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6 / 10 - Sheltered
Feb 3, 2019

Sheltered pits the player in a post-apocalyptic setting and there are plenty of options on how to deal with those horrible, new circumstances. Unfortunately the game is not very user-friendly and a lot of the game's mechanics and actions often go unexplained when some simple tutorials could make a big difference. The game is also difficult to interact with, which does not make the experience more enjoyable.

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Jan 26, 2019

Onimusha Warlord may not be the most ambitious survival horror ever made, but its action-based gameplay and combat system, while simple, are enough to capture the player's interest. Thanks to its interesting environment and puzzles, this is a game that becomes enjoyable and entertaining quickly enough, even if its length could certainly be longer.

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6 / 10 - 99Vidas
Jan 2, 2019

99Vidas is rather competent at the old-school beat'em up genre and has a good art style and soundtrack to match. On the experience level, however, there are frustrating elements which are particularly noticeable on single player and which end up making 99Vidas a more lacklustre experience compared to some of its peers.

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Dec 24, 2018

The Jackbox Party Pack 5 is a game that is based on the players' inputs to deliver a party experience full of fun and enjoyment, with memorable moments all around. Some of the minigames need improvement when it comes to lagging but overall, the experience is mostly fun and an incentive for the players to deliver their most unforgettable contributions to the minigames included.

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8 / 10 - Guacamelee! 2
Dec 10, 2018

Guacamelee! 2 draws a lot, really a lot, from the while that may seem like a flaw, it quickly becomes obvious that it's not. The déjà vu feeling is there but that hardly matters when Gucamelee! 2 treats the players to such a marvelous humour all around its levels, to an addicting gameplay and to a fantastic four-player co-op mode that makes it even more enjoyable to play with friends.

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6 / 10 - Nefarious
Nov 29, 2018

efarious features a concept that sets it apart from most games, only to throw the player into an experience that feels bland and repetitive. While a lot of the game's aspects are competent, the level design makes it duller and much more linear than it should and the very difficult jumping required will not make the experience more enjoyable, which feels like a waste in a game that promises so much.

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5 / 10 - Detective Gallo
Nov 14, 2018

Detective Gallo is a point and click game that brings some interesting character interactions and plot, as well as a talented work of voice acting. This effort is only halfway there, though, as the control system is not ideally suited to the Nintendo Switch and the game's puzzles often make little sense, which contributes to make this a game that is not fully successful at its goals.

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