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Oct 12, 2018 - Nintendo 3DS

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Metro GameCentral
6 / 10
7 / 10
7.5 / 10
8 / 10
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78 / 100
8 / 10
IGN Italy
7.9 / 10
IGN Spain
7.5 / 10
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Luigi’s Mansion - Face Your Fears Trailer - Nintendo 3DS

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Critic Reviews for Luigi's Mansion

Metro GameCentral

6 / 10
Metro GameCentral

Luigi's Mansion 2 was always a much better game and while there's some novelty (and possibly nostalgia) value to playing the original it doesn't warrant a new full price release.

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The GameCube classic comes to the 3DS with minimal changes, and it's held up pretty well.

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Some technical and control issues aside, I still think the 3DS version of Luigi's Mansion is a solid option for newcomers or for people looking to revisit this GameCube classic. Catching various ghosts and completing Professor E. Gadd's gallery is a perfect time burner on the go and Grezzo have done a solid job bringing Luigi's Mansion to the 3DS. I just don't know if I'd prioritize playing the 3DS version over the GameCube version in the future.

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Freeing Luigi's Mansion from the GameCube's back catalogue, Grezzo's remake of the game for 3DS is fantastic, going far beyond a simple port. That said, the 3DS isn't always the best home for the ghostbusting action and the controls feel a bit too slow and awkward when it counts.

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Once again, Grezzo shows that making remakes is his thing. It may not have been as successful as in other cases, but the adaptation of the GameCube classic to 3DS is quite remarkable. Despite the failures of the control system, it's still just as fun and entertaining, even a little more than the original thanks to the additions.

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If you've never adventured with Mario's lankier brother throughout his haunted mansion exploits, Luigi's Mansion 3DS is absolutely worth the price of admission. In fact, even if you tore through it when it first made its debut, it's fun to recruit a friend to go through it with you again – perhaps one of you can pretend the other is Mario in spirit, looking for himself? In any case, with Luigi's Mansion 3 on the horizon, it's good to be able to play the entirety of the two-game series so far on one system, and if you need a lighthearted romp for Halloween, this will certainly do the trick...or treat.

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After all these years, Luigi's Mansion it would be an even more enjoyable game, if it wasn't for a problematic controller scheme. But still, it's an unforgettable adventure in a funny little world.

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Luigi's Mansion is a charming and scary experience that appeared originally in Nintendo Gamecube and now arrives to Nintendo 3DS with some interesting added content. Luigi and his ghosts to take away.

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