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I'm currently the Tips & Guides Editor at GodisaGeek.com but I've been at the site for almost four years. I've reviewed around 150 games in that time, and edited many, many others. I love games and gaming, and really dislike negativity. This industry is meant to be about fun, right? Quick facts: I'm married with four children, I don't like sweetcorn, I have no hair but all my own teeth.
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Dec 4, 2013

It may no longer be essential, but Trine 2: Complete Story is excellent nonetheless.

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6 / 10.0 - Tiny Brains
Jan 1, 2014

Tiny Brains may not appear to the most sophisticated game for a next-gen console, but it just about does enough to earn its place in the early stages of the PS4's life-cycle. It may be too short, but it attempts to make up for that with a decent variety of extra modes and a very well implemented group dynamic. A decent little puzzler with a good sense of humour and, more importantly, a sense of its own identity, Tiny Brains is worth picking up and blasting through over a weekend or two, but without friends you'll only be getting half the package.

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Jan 16, 2014

We expected big things from the studio behind Mark of the Ninja and Shank, and in Don't Starve, we got them. It's a wonderfully dark survival-craft game with great scope for emergent, unique experiences, even if it will make you rage occasionally. The UI betrays the PC roots and can be a little hard to use on a smaller TV, and there are those who will find Don't Starve just too mean-spirited to fully appreciate, but as an intentionally unforgiving survival sim with a sinister twist, it absolutely excels.

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Jan 27, 2014

Without question, the full retail price is too high for a slightly shinier version of a game you clocked 10 months ago, but if you missed the original release for whatever reason, or even played it back in March last year and really feel it's worth another go around, the Definitive Edition is recommended.

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8 / 10.0 - Thief
Feb 24, 2014

Longevity is added by a huge amount of collectibles, from trinkets and rare treasures to documents and newspapers, but if you fancy leaving the story behind for a while you can enter the challenge maps and test yourself against the world in online leaderboards. There's an array of challenges (both timed and otherwise) that will test your skills and earn you bragging rights if you know how to use the shadows right.

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Mar 4, 2014

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition is like the utter antithesis of The Last of Us, a top-down Left 4 Dead-alike that ignores pansy ideas like human emotion or common sense in favour of stuff that explodes and makes other stuff explode. It's colourful and loud and a ton of fun either alone or with friends, and is probably one of the best zombie blasters released in recent years. A guaranteed hit for anyone with an itchy trigger finger that needs scratching.

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8 / 10.0 - Mercenary Kings
Apr 7, 2014

Like any good game in the Metal Slug-style, Mercenary Kings is by turns maddeningly frustrating and wonderfully cathartic. A special brand of distilled mayhem keeps the pace fast and the payback high as Kings rewards you for every foray into its deadly world. But its unwillingness to fully explain its crafting element, the inconsistent mission design and the odd teeny-tiny bug hold it back from perfection. Still, the leaderboard system and simple, gung-ho mechanics ensure that it remains good fun until the over-long campaign eventually out-stays its welcome.

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Apr 7, 2014

Strike Suit Zero is a solid space shooter that offers a well-crafted balance between arcade blasting and tactical challenge. Unless you're a fan of dog-fights and sci-fi, you're unlikely to give Born Ready's console port a second glance, but if you're after a user-friendly blaster with a decent lifespan and enough variety to stave off the tedium often inherent in the genre, then this comes heartily recommended.

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7 / 10.0 - LEGO The Hobbit
Apr 15, 2014

Although a decent jaunt for fans of either franchise, this is an example of a game created purely because the developers had the means to create it. This franchise is no longer essential, and there is serious work to be done if TT want their over-fed baby to remain fresh and current, and not merely soullessly lucrative. An enjoyable romp in of itself then, but by this point no one but kids and fans need really apply.

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Square Enix's Final Fantasy-themed MMO doesn't get everything right, even on PS4, but the things it does well outweigh those it doesn't, and the end result is a fun and engaging open world RPG with some great multiplayer options that don't really come into their own until end-game.

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