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Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition

SCEA, Housemarque
Mar 4, 2014 - PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

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8 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition

Dead Nation brings Housemarque's acclaimed PS3 game to PlayStation 4. And it's as fun -- and difficult -- as ever.

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Still the same lacklustre combination of Left 4 Dead with a twin-stick shooter, where only the status of PlayStation Plus freebie prevents further criticism.

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Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition is like the utter antithesis of The Last of Us, a top-down Left 4 Dead-alike that ignores pansy ideas like human emotion or common sense in favour of stuff that explodes and makes other stuff explode. It's colourful and loud and a ton of fun either alone or with friends, and is probably one of the best zombie blasters released in recent years. A guaranteed hit for anyone with an itchy trigger finger that needs scratching.

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Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition doesn't solve the core gunplay issues that plagued the release's original outing, but this is still a fine upgrade for those merely looking for some rotten flesh to fire at. Once again, the survival horror aspects feel at odds with the arcade-inspired gameplay, but the new social features just about justify a return to this resurrected digital download.

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Housemarque's Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition harbours all the addictive pick-up-and-play qualities synonymous with everyone's favourite PS4 indie developer - providing a thrilling zombie romp, with fast, fluid mechanics and controls. And while it may not strain the PlayStation 4's considerable capabilities by any stretch, the inclusion of some new leaderboard-based modes coupled with the innovative streaming feature make this a welcome addition to the PS4 indie roster.

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This leaves me wishing Dead Nation built more depth into its upgrade system. I wish developing your character in an RPG-style was a bigger part of the game. I wish the levels emphasized that, with more dynamics, exploration, and down-time. I wish it had these things because then I'd want to replay the game on harder difficulties. It makes me wish for a co-op zombie action RPG - a blend of Left 4 Dead and Diablo with twin-stick shooting. Ultimately, while Dead Nation is a decent game, its biggest issue is that it always left me wanting something more. As far as my last word goes, this is the best version of Dead Nation you can get. It isn't much different from the PS3 game though, so if you already played that you've seen most of what there is to see. The bigger issue is with the foundation of the game itself. I always found it to be falling short in one way or another. As a zombie twin-stick shooter it gets the job done, but its qualities are lessened by lost potential. Nothing jumps out at you, and everything seems to have been done better in other games.

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As a zombie twin-stick shooter it gets the job done, but it's qualities are lessened by its lost potential. It's lost in the shadows of better games.

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Even though 'Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition' comes with a fresh coat of paint and a few additional bells and whistles, it's still a game that many PlayStation devotees have already experienced. That's not to say it isn't a great addition to the growing list of games available for the PlayStation 4. The developers at Housemarque continue to excel at their craft and have delivered yet another wonderful title that makes use of tight controls while providing solid gameplay. Whether this is your first time experiencing 'Dead Nation' or not, there's no question that the game is worthy of your time.

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