Dan Tyrrell

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83.3 average score
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8 / 10.0 - A Fold Apart
Apr 29, 2020

A Fold Apart is a beautiful intersection of narrative storytelling and interesting gaming mechanic. Whether you enjoy solving puzzles, exploring emotional stories, or both, A Fold Apart is for you. Heck, if you are just looking for something good to play and don’t know what to grab next, prioritize A Fold Apart.

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8.3 / 10.0 - Starport Delta
Mar 31, 2020

There is nothing I can say other than that I adore Starport Delta. The game has immense polish, solid writing, and strong gameplay. The team at Cloudfire built the city builder that they wanted to play, and it shows. Whether it’s some of the cheeky things you can do (like airlock a developer) or the addition of space worms, the game has charm.

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8.7 / 10.0 - Wunderling
Mar 24, 2020

Wunderling is a beautiful game that puts a twist on the story and mechanics you expect out of a platformer. I recommend Wunderling highly to anyone who likes the genre and wants something new and fun to play.

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