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Nov 1, 2015

In the days of third party sales supremacy and value added services, the impact of a singular title or franchise doesn't leave the same mark as it did two or three generations ago. But for 343's efforts, they made an excellent FPS that should earn them a good portion of credit they so urgently need from the fanbase.

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9 / 10.0 - Titanfall
Mar 13, 2014

In today's entertainment software landscape, the pure definition of a true "system seller" is a thing of the past. Gone are the days of 16 bit Zelda vs. a more "graphic" version of Mortal Kombat. And the era of complete AAA 3rd party exclusivity, a la Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid, is virtually extinct. What we have here is a "limited" release. Something that is better defined as NOT being made available on a certain machine. But for the effect that Microsoft honestly needs right now in its effort against Sony, Titanfall is the weapon that keeps the door open. If this game was out on the PS4, or had plans in the near future for a release, this generation's console war would probably be decided very, very early in the life cycle, with the Xbox One having little chance of catching up. I'm not saying this is the cure all, and will drastically tip the sales scale in the other direction. MS still faces an uphill climb in that regard. The only difference is now they have a much needed bandage for the wound from Sony's early, heavy shot. The wide appeal this title has will be a tipping point for people on the fence about which machine to adopt right now. Currently, I don't believe the PS4 has an equivocal "killer app," nor is one known to the public in these pre-E3 2014 months. As much as a game can be a system seller nowadays, Titanfall is, undoubtedly.

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Nov 6, 2015

This game could retail for $80, and I would still be inclined to tell CoD, FPS, and action game fans alike to get it day one. At $60, it's almost too good to be true. Black Ops III is the deepest Call of Duty ever. That I do know.

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