Catherine Dellosa

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9 / 10.0 - Phogs!
Dec 2, 2020

Too often these days, our games are so preoccupied with achievements, trophies, levels, and all kinds of complicated crafting and weaponry that we don't normally just sit back and play a game-really play a game-and actually have fun without any kind of pressure at all. Phogs! allows you to go back and experience the fun of a game at its most basic-and that's not always something even AAA games can pull off.

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Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Dry Twice tries its best to keep the lewdness of its titular character intact, but ultimately falls flat on the delivery. It's great fun as a point-and-click game, though, and-coupled with stellar voice acting, vibrant graphics, and a compelling protagonist-is a breath of fresh air from the seriousness of the world today.

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