Brian Connor

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75.4 average score
78 median score
38.5% of games recommended
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68 / 100 - Heavy Bullets
Sep 22, 2014

Overall, Heavy Bullets didn't really click with me. While I enjoy the odd FPS and rogue-like game, Heavy Bullets never really managed to grab me like I hoped it would. Do not get me wrong Heavy Bullets is a competent arcade shooter and rogue-like rolled into one. The cheap price is another bonus. Yet there are just a few too many aspects about the game that I didn't find entertaining at all.

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Sep 13, 2014

Dead Rising 3 is funny, and more importantly a riot to play. New players will enjoy the standard mode while classic players will get their fix in Nightmare Mode. It really is just a shame there are quite a few issues with performance on PC. Let's hope the modding community can work their usual magic with this one.

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83 / 100 - The Swapper
Aug 14, 2014

So overall, I would say 95% of this game is pure excellence. I had an absolutely fantastic time playing it and it was surprisingly long (I thought I could finish it in one sitting, but it actually took me two full nights of playing). It's just a shame that one teeny tiny detail took my impression of it from great down to good. It's still well worth playing even with the frustration, but without that minor detail it could have been one of the best.

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