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Jan 26, 2022

Pokémon Legends: Arceus may often look bad, but its gameplay is excellent. The mechanics of finding and catching Pokémon feel good and bring a sense of discovery to the game. Changes in the battle system make for more engaging and strategic fights. Some repetitive bosses and a fairly standard story can't drag down how fun it is to play this new kind of Pokémon game.

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Nov 14, 2021

The way Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars presents itself is by far one of the strongest points of the game. A video game that pretends to be a table top game is a nice change and occasionally stimulates the imagination. For that reason alone, the game is worth playing.‎

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Jul 16, 2021

Besides the obvious visual improvements, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD offers a clearly enhanced experience compared to the original Wii title. First and foremost the button controls offer a near-perfect alternative to the formerly mandatory motion controls, making the game more accessible. Beyond that, many of the original's hand-holding has been removed, leading to fewer gameplay interruptions. The game still has other flaws, but the HD version does a lot to bring out the good of the game.

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