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May 12, 2022

These smaller issues pale in comparison to what Source of Madness gets right. The gorgeous 2D art style, atmospheric music, and crunchy sound design underpin a combat system that is deep and rewarding, and is sure to keep surprising players deep into their time with the game. For gamers searching for a gratifying roguelite filled to the brim with passion and creativity, Source of Madness is more than worth the cost of admission.

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Apr 30, 2022

Wildcat Gun Machine can be beaten in as little as seven or eight hours, so this lack of depth in the game's combat and progression won't be an issue for gamers interested in a quick, simple dungeon-crawling experience. Plus, the game is launching on Steam for only $15, making it a great choice for anyone searching for a solid, affordably priced title. However, players looking for a deep, complex combat system - or a narrative to follow - might want to pass on Wildcat Gun Machine.

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