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The Guild of Dungeoneering: Ice Cream Headaches

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General Information

Available on:PCOct 26, 2016

Developer: Gambrinous

Publisher: Versus Evil

Genre: RPG

"It's a heatwave! This is awful, I'm sitting here in a puddle of my own sweat. At least I hope it's sweat.There’s more than a hint of morgue in the air, some older townsfolk are keeling over from exhaustion and dehydration, Fire Demons are running rampant in the outer villages. Worst of all, I can’t even get my favourite ice cream. It’s so unfair. Why does everything bad happen to me?” It’s time to send some chumps out to do your dirty work, namely fetch some ice cream. Things get a bit complicated when it turns out the Ice Cream Monks are under siege from Brainiacs intent on destroying all the ice cream. I guess we could team up with them… but maybe there’s a way to turn this situation to the Guild’s advantage? More quests, monsters and bosses! Explore the snowy mountains, visit the ice cream monks, battle new monsters like the Slushie Elemental and the Pygmy Mammoth! Find new Dungeoneers for the guild! Recruit three new classes of dungeoneer with the Yodeller, the Ice Cream Monk, and the Snowitch. Loads of new loot! 24 new pieces of equippable loot to be found throughout Guild of Dungeoneering makes for huge replayability. Expand the full game with these new items. More Bardic tunes It’s the bard that everyone loves to hate! And he’s back with some more tunes to accompany your successes… and your failures. Favour: a new way to play Ice Cream Headaches brings an important new mechanic into play called Favour. Any time you draw a room or corridor tile it may have a Rune of Fate inscribed on it. Place this in the dungeon and defeat a monster there to gain Favour with the Fates. Favour can be spent any time during the dungeon run on powerful card-manipulation effects. You could draw extra cards in battle or even remove one of your weaker cards from your deck for the rest of the quest. This adds a whole new strategic element to dungeon creation as you match up Runes with where you want your dungeoneer to go. And once you build up some Favour you there are more strategic decisions to be made about how and when to best spend it!

The Guild of Dungeoneering: Ice Cream Headaches Critic Reviews

Mostly, I was very happy with Ice Cream Headaches. It plays well, is easy to pick up and took me about 8 hours combined to beat everything. My only real complaints were the lack of integration of the Favour system and one other issue – the DLC doesn’t introduce new achievements. Now normally, I could care less about achievements, but I love the quirky and strange tricks that the developers thought up in a game like this. It would have added just that much more polish and replay value. However, overall I felt the Ice Cream Headaches DLC was strong and enjoyable, and I would heartily recommend it to any fans of the series. Now I’ll just not so patiently await the next DLC, whenever that decides to come out…

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