Wings of Glass

Eager Passion LLC, Sayuri Artsy

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Wings of Glass

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General Information

Available on:PCFeb 11, 2019

Developer: Sayuri Artsy

Publisher: Eager Passion LLC

Genres: Action, Adventure, Platformer

An indie game passion project made by one woman. The pilot episode to an 3D puzzle-platformer adventure with a chills and thrills to keep you on the edge of your seat. After getting kidnapped by Ferace the skeleton demon, Mayfly's wings were ripped off of her. But with a sliver of luck, she was able to escape into a cave. Alone in the shadows, she has to find her scattered glass wings and return home. This game is inspired by retro 3D adventure and platformer games from the 90s and early 2000s. However, Mayfly is not a hero, she can't fight. This makes your relationship to enemies much more closer to that of a horror experience. Be careful, and stealthy when enemies are around. But if enemies do hear or see you, Mayfly has a handful of useful maneuvers you can do to get you out of a pinch if you use them the right way. Features: - Pleasant art - Exciting 3D-platforming action! Pull of classic stunts like diving, ledge-climbing, wall-jump and side-flips, great for replay value or speed-run challenges! - Intense bosses that really put your skills to the test. How will you handle terrifying titans knowing that you are too weak to fight? - Items all over the place that you'll use to as tools to solve your problems. Just don't go trying to use them as weapons, that won't end well at all. - Unlock your innate power as a Glasswing as you collect yourself, both literally and figuratively. - A dark world to traverse, and uncover the mysterious lore of the Magdrol Factory. - Make friends with spiders, just do it!

Wings of Glass Critic Reviews


5 / 10

More like a - fun and charming - alpha build, rather than a fully realised game, 3D platfomer/puzzler Wings of Glass isn't really a big recommendation.

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Wings of Glass 玻璃の羽 TRAILER

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Wings of Glass 玻璃の羽 Gameplay TRAILER

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