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The Saviour's Gang

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General Information

Available on:PCMar 2, 2019
PlayStation 4Jun 4, 2019
Nintendo SwitchJun 4, 2019

Developer: Catness Game Studios

Publisher: Catness Game Studios

Genres: Adventure, Action, Puzzle, Simulation

A self-proclaimed Savior must travel through numerous ancestral locations guiding his worshipers to reach the promised land, and the salvation. The player will have to guide his faithful through several dangers that could damage them in the most possible grotesque and cruel ways. These can be dismembered, crushed, burned, drowned, infected and skewered among many other calamities. The skill of each player will come into play to determine how many adepts finish each level alive. In The Savior's Gang, the player controls The Savior, a powerful entity that is crucified and trapped between the world of mortals and heaven. This unfair death triggers the wrath of his father, an almighty pidgeon, which unleashes a series of traps, disasters and dangers all over the world. The Savior must negotiate with his Father to stop these catastrophes and save only his worshippers from all these evils and, try to get out of limbo and recover his power. To achieve his goals, he will have his good friend Stan (he hates to be called Satan) and the intermediation of his Mother and Stepfather.

The Saviour's Gang Critic Reviews


7 / 10

The Saviour's Gang costs 24 pence more than a Gingerbread Latte, lasts 3-4 hours longer, has a few decent jokes, and doesn't make you fat. Frankly you can't go wrong for four quid, sure it has the odd frame rate issue but it's a basic, fun game to play and fills the odd ten minutes here and there when you don't have time to run an epic quest in AAA game. We could do with more of this sort of thing on consoles.

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The Savior's Gang has a good approach and a very funny and different version of the biggest story ever told, however the exaggerated input lag when handling us and the very irregular frame rate make playing it a real pain.

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