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Battle of Kings

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchSep 17, 2020
PCAug 23, 2018

Developer: Wenkly Studio

Publisher: Wenkly Studio

Genre: Strategy

STORY Many years ago, the lands of four islands were divided into two kingdoms. One of them was handed over to you, and the other to your cousin Marcus. Since them, the people of your kingdom were living a peaceful and prosperous life under your reign. Those days are gone now, as your greedy cousin allied with the dark wizard Arfael plans to take over your rightfully owned lands. You need to fight off his attacks aimed against all of your strategic outposts and defeat him completely in the final battle. FEATURES - 7 types of towers of different strategic use with 3 upgrade levels each - 8 types of units (soldiers, war machines) with 4 upgrade levels each - 4 different –from the forest, through the desert, up to snowy hills and lava mouths –environment themes and locations means lots of possible winning strategies - Singleplayer Campaign (PvE) mode where you play classic tower defense scenario and some 1 vs 1 key battle with your rival king (AI) - Battle Mode (PvE or PvP) where you have to:defend your kingdomattack the opponentupgrade economyimprovise, adapt, overcome, repeat! (it’s all combined at the same time!) - Battle PvP online play where you can test and improve your strategic skills against your friends or other players - Play it any way you like! 3 comfortable playstyle modes: Tabletop mode, Handheld mode, and TV mode Rise walls, upgrade towers, enhance army and be kind ruler in classic tower defense game mixed with 1 v1 battle playstyle in ‘Battle of Kings’ realm!

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It certainly doesn't break out of the tower defense mold but Battle of Kings is an enjoyable and fast-paced strategic experience.

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