Tyrania - A Kinetic Visual Novel

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Tyrania - A Kinetic Visual Novel

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General Information

Available on:PCMay 27, 2020

Developer: Leviathanimation

Publisher: Leviathanimation

Genre: Interactive Story

STORY "The world where I live in is a world ravaged by crime and terrorism..." In a world where the government prioritizes war instead of safety, where crime and terrorism go out of control in every country, Edo is given the power to control technology itself. The 2 most powerful nations, realizing the potential threat to their stability, will try to seize his ability for their own goals. However, with his own set of ideals, Edo will join the conflict that has torn the world apart for decades and unknowingly, will change the course of mankind’s history forever... With an ideal about Justice and Vengeance, Edo plans a purge of criminals and terrorists, believing he is doing the right thing for society. Unfortunately, as his plans start to flourish, he is slowly isolated from the ones he loves, forcing him to question society’s morality and rethinking what is right and what is wrong. In this dark and cruel world, life is fading away, promises are broken, but hope survives in the mind, and love in the heart. Two Nations, Two IdealsOne World, One Justice FEATURES Multiple Animated cutscenes 10 Original Soundtracks Around 35 000 words Text-Based, Linear Story, One Ending Completely Free!

Tyrania - A Kinetic Visual Novel Critic Reviews

Those who know even the most basic of anime tropes will be well acquainted with all the major beats of Tyrania. This visual novel is as basic as they come, and the lack of polish makes it an easy pass.

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