NHL 94 Rewind

Electronic Arts
Oct 30, 2020 - Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Movies Games and Tech
5 / 10
Operation Sports
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Critic Reviews for NHL 94 Rewind

The overall tone of this review is one of disappointment and frustration, and unfortunately this is how I felt after my time with this game. I didn’t expect it to play, or feel like a modern day title, I just hoped that it would play a lot better than it did. If the developers worked on the control system, then you’d have a fun and simple sports title that oozes retro charm, opposed to a frustrating mess that makes you question your childhood gaming experiences. Do I recommend this? Yes, but only to avid fans of the sport, and the original game. Rose-tinted specs are a dangerous thing, and the only saving grace was that this was free to download as part of the Gamepass subscription service, meaning that reliving my youth was just about worth it.

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Lastly, while I know that the relationship between EA and Nintendo has not always been the best - especially when it comes to sports games - the inability to find a way to get NHL 94 on to the Switch at this time feels like a crime against humanity. If ever a game was meant for the Switch, NHL 94 is the one.

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