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I Hope She's OK

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General Information

Available on:PCNov 13, 2020

Developer: Inkakamu

Publisher: Inkakamu

Genres: Adventure, Puzzle

Experience the mystery of midsummer in a traditional lakeside cabin in the heart of Finland, where the long evening gradually turns into dawn without ever visiting the night. Every year you travel to this beautiful and remote part of the world to visit your oldest friend who lives an isolated life off the grid. Except this year for some reason and without warning, she’s not at home. As you search for the clues that might help find your friend, things start taking a strange turn. Are you succumbing to cabin fever or could rumours of a mysterious lake creature actually explain her disappearance? An avid social media user, you post regular photos and updates to your friends and followers. The tone you select for those interactions will go some way to determining whether you come through this experience unscathed. KEY FEATURES Immersive and atmospheric story Short game designed to be played in one sitting Story inspired by Finnish culture and mythology Original soundtrack featuring real-life recordings taken in the Finnish countryside Beautiful depiction of a Finnish lakeside cabin, from furniture and ornaments to local flora and fauna

I Hope She's OK Critic Reviews

I hope she’s ok is a walking simulator off the beaten path that is a learning experience as much as it is an enjoyable, atmospheric one. I had a great time with I hope she’s ok, playing it three times to completion to ensure I had seen everything there was to offer. This, of course, was followed by googling all the traditional touches I had encountered and learning tons of new things about Finnish culture and folklore.

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