Jiangshi x Daoshi

Dendo Denkido, Fruitbat Factory

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Jiangshi x Daoshi

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General Information

Available on:PCJul 16, 2020

Developer: Dendo Denkido

Publisher: Fruitbat Factory

Genres: Adventure, Interactive Story

Prepare to be blown away! Jiangshi x Daoshi is an epic story of Chinese vampires, dao priests, assassins and immortals, told in a spectacularly animated visual novel format. When former assassin Luan is attacked by man-eating creatures, he is saved from certain death by a wandering dao priest, Ling Ling. At that time, neither of them know what tribulations yet await them. Features Breathtakingly animated action Explosions that cut mountains in half Sexy assassins of both sexes Blood, gore and humor Includes Jiangshi x Daoshi Episode I - Boy Meets Girl, and Episode II - The Fable of the Fake Elixir of Life. Not for the faint of heart - you have been warned!

Jiangshi x Daoshi Critic Reviews

This game is a kinetic novel – it has no choices or branching paths, and instead is more about telling a story through its visuals and sound, in addition to written text. At the moment, Jiangshi x Daoshi is divided up into a prologue and two full-length volumes. I think of these as something like an “arc” – the game even divides them into chapters about the same length as a chapter in a manga. Just like with the “Big Three” heroes’ quests to become Hokage, King of the Pirates, and whatever Bleach's Ichigo’s character arc was, there’s an overarching theme narrative in Jiangshi x Daoshi’s volumes which run beneath the surface level antics. That being said, it’s a satisfying ride no matter how long the reader stays for.

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