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Double Turn

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General Information

Available on:PCNov 6, 2020

Developer: Inwave Labs

Publisher: Inwave Labs

Genres: Action, Sports, Fighting

Double Turn is a pro-wrestling party brawler for up to 4 players. Fight in fast-paced versus matches. Master the simple combat, execute destructive signature moves, and take down your opponent to take home championship gold. FEATURES Brawl in 2-4 player local versus matches (or online with Steam's Remote Play Together) Test your skills in solo modes and earn a top spot in Battle Royal and Gauntlet matches Feel the heat of the crowd in a sold-out stadium Take the mantle of one of four pro-wrestlers GAMEPLAY Straightforward controls keeps combat fast and fluid. Approachable to play with your friends, with enough variation to dive deep in wrestling mastery. Strike to throw powerful fists and quick elbows, block to defend against attacks, and throw your foe with classic wrestling maneuvers. Takedown opponents with devastating signature moves. Everything you do is to fuel the heat of the crowd. Whether they love you or hate you, keep the crowd cheering and build up enough momentum to best any fighter. Fighting builds heat, heat charges your signature, and signatures get you championships.

Double Turn Critic Reviews

Double Turn might pay tribute to the wild and wonderful world of wrestling, but the end result is something not worth tuning into. Those hoping for the next WrestleMania will be sorely disappointed in this one.

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