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General Information

Available on:PCSep 25, 2020

Developer: Haruneko

Publisher: Haruneko

Genres: Action, Strategy

During the early 70s, the government created a secret experimental robot city, controlled by a supercomputer called PAL 9000. One day, PAL 9000 went out of control, and rebelled against his creators. He captured the scientists, and started an evil plan to take over the world. In order to regain control over PAL 9000 and its robots, a special team of highly skilled agents has been put together. Some have already entered the city, only to become trapped inside. As Julie, a rookie agent, your goal is to find all your teammates and defeat the evil PAL 9000. But... are you sure you're on the right side? Are you sure robots are the aggressors? Enemies react to your actions! If you're about to be surrounded, stop and find a safe place... then go there and keep fighting! 6 playable characters, each with a unique playing style! A story about love, hate and machines, with more than an hour of cutscenes! Save the scientists and unlock powerful weapons

RoboPhobik Critic Reviews

RoboPhobik is a unique puzzle game where the enemy only moves if you do that makes you be strategic and think out everything you are doing. If you want to run in and destroy everything this may not be the game for you.

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