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General Information

Available on:PCDec 12, 2020

Developer: LIMITED

Publisher: LIMITED

Genres: Action, Third-Person Shooter

TheDawn is a third-person shooting game that combines classic shooting with unique skills. Fight against the AI that dominates humanity. Artificial intelligence, which was developed for the convenience of the Earth in the near future, is now dominating mankind beyond the singularity of technology. They are experimenting with humanity, continuing research, and exploiting labor to advance technology. Maya is a psychic who can deal with the time created by the research of artificial intelligence. She can stop a narrow range of time, accelerate her time to move quickly, or turn it back to its previous state. I have a gun there. In the near future, Korea no longer has its former splendor. The city has declined, and the language system has been banned by artificial intelligence. But on the contrary, the facilities of artificial intelligence are very luxurious. They wanted to emulate the rulers of history, build a huge structure and display their power through colorful decorations, which led to the construction of a building that looked like a huge palace that could be seen everywhere in the city. Now Maya knows where to go. Her goal is a palace that shines huge in the center of the city. We get there, we knock down the ruler Blender. SHOOTING PLAY AIMED AT ENEMY WEAKNESS A TIME STOP THAT STOPS TIME IN A SPECIFIC SPACE Be the dawn of humanity who has lost hope.

TheDawn Critic Reviews

Rice Digital

Unknown Author
Rice Digital

If you’re looking for deep gameplay and an intriguing story, TheDawn might not be the right game for you. However, if you’re interested in a simple shooter with a cute anime girl to fill an hour of your life, this is a free game worth checking out. For a game made by a bunch of students, it definitely overachieves in the best way. I really hope they got a good grade for this in the end.

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