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Internet Court

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General Information

Available on:PCApr 6, 2021

Developer: Oh, a Rock! Studios

Publisher: Oh, a Rock! Studios

Genres: Simulation, Interactive Story

It's the year 20XX, and crime can happen anywhere—even in cyberspace. And when someone gets pulled over on the Information Superhighway, they get a one-way ticket to... The Internet Court. Where the courtroom is virtual, and trials are live-streamed for the whole world to watch. Play through four exciting internet-themed cases, including... Two old friends who unfriended each other! Terrible fanfiction! A deceptive online advertisement! A troll who posts mean reviews!

Internet Court Critic Reviews

Internet Court is one of the most bonkers and continuously funny FMV games you’ll see outside of the Super Seducer franchise. Although your choices don’t change the narrative and losing offers no punishment as you can simply continue, every option you pick has a recorded reaction and consequence – meaning you can pick all the ‘bad’ choices without worrying about replaying the entire scene again. Every character has their own personality, whether the actor has done acting before or are simply related to those who created the game, resulting in some unintentionally funny moments and realistic reactions. For a game that was clearly made with little to no budget and remotely via laptops of varying quality, I found it hilarious and a joy to play, even more than some big-budget titles I’ve played recently.

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