SELF: Where's my father

Monster Couch, Monster Couch, Indienova , doBell

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SELF: Where's my father

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General Information

Available on:Xbox Series X/SMar 12, 2021
Xbox OneMar 12, 2021
PCJan 15, 2020
Nintendo SwitchJan 16, 2020

Developers: Monster Couch, Indienova , doBell

Publisher: Monster Couch

Genres: Puzzle, Simulation, Adventure

Dreams use so many bits and pieces of our memory, but not in a logical, linear way. ―Rosalind Cartwright, Psychologist SELF is a suspenseful Kafkaesque text-based adventure game with simulation and puzzle mechanics. Game Story: My father has vanished, yet I seem to be the only one who has noticed. Even my own mother is completely indifferent to his absence. The journey I must embark upon to bring him back is one that can only be traveled alone. In this game, the boundaries of reality, dreams, truth, and memories are blurred. Many puzzles and challenges await, and you must commit to a series of choices leading you to a range of different endings. In this introspective adventure, you must collect clues from throughout your journey and piece them together to find out the whole story. But— will you seize the opportunity to find your SELF?

SELF: Where's my father Critic Reviews

SELF: Where's my father is too obscure, busy, and uninspired to enjoy. It's perfectly functional, and while there is a bit of evidence that it could have been great, it falls flat due to some shallow gameplay and incredibly amateur writing.

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