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Bite at the Museum

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General Information

Available on:PCMay 4, 2021

Developer: Dinobyte Studios

Publisher: Dinobyte Studios

Genres: Action, Arcade

One night, at Just Another Museum, Tim The Time Machine decides he has had enough. After years of being put on display without his own exhibit, he figures it's about time to get the recognition he deserves. He needs to destroy all the other exhibits to finally get his chance in the spotlight. But how exactly? Well, by kidnap- I mean recruiting a 67 million-year-old friend of course! Play as Tony, the Tyrannosaurus Rex! Tony is lovable, hungry, cute, and eager to watch everything crash and burn. Bust and break your way through three fun-filled exhibits to score points, impress Tim, and make it back home! Sweep the competition with your tail swipe, chew up your enemies, and destroy priceless artifacts to show them whose boss!

Bite at the Museum Critic Reviews

Sometimes you need a AAA epic to get lost in, and sometimes you just need some good ol' fashioned dumb fun. Bite at the Museum most definitely fills in the shoes of the latter, doing exactly what it says on the tin and nothing more.

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