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Alpheratz*, CFK
May 5, 2016 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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6 / 10
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Nintendo Switch 「Wicce」 Official Launch Trailer

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Nintendo Switch 「Wicce」 Teaser

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Critic Reviews for Wicce

So put it all together, and you get platforming which doesn’t feel fair, instant death pits that require memorisation, beat-em-up combat against enemies which show no resistance and give no reward, only for the chance to fight a decent boss battle while quivering because losing means doing the whole platforming gauntlet all over again. At times I wondered to myself if all these mechanics were created with tedium in mind – the game is hard, but the difficulty comes from outright hostile design choices rather than any satisfying challenge. From what I can see of the PC version though, it’s a much more balanced experience, with more telegraphed enemy placements and even an option to look further in each direction – which seems to be absent in the Switch port. If the narrative and graphics pique your interest, I’d recommend going for the PC version of Wicce instead, and staying well away from the iteration on the Switch.

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If you're in the market for a punishing 2D action game that can be rewarding at times then you may enjoy what Wicce has to offer.

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'Wicce' successfully built up his own personality and actions following the basic formula of the platformer action game. Its PC version shows those enough, but in the Nintendo Switch version, It doesn't seem to have been able to embody 100% of fascinating points and gameplay which it pursued.

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Noisy Pixel

Nathan Meji
6 / 10.0
Noisy Pixel

Wicce can be really rough in places, but you can find a short and sweet gem that shows love for the platforming and action genres in it. Still, some issues hinder the charm of this experience with needed quality-of-life improvements and additional playtesting. Regardless, I wouldn’t mind seeing going on more Wicce adventures in the future.

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