Midnight Caravan

Gamera Interactive, Gamera Interactive

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Midnight Caravan

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General Information

Available on:PCAug 24, 2020

Developer: Gamera Interactive

Publisher: Gamera Interactive

Genres: Adventure, RPG, Interactive Story

Gamblers, prostitutes, murderers, thieves, though moral choices and crimes set the tone for Midnight Caravan, a visual novel by Gamera Interactive. Our players join the main character in a gripping story of vengeance, political schemes, intrigues, espionage double-crossing and much more throughout the entire Italian peninsula. As the leader of a small caravan of outcasts, the protagonist will have for the first time in his life true autonomy over not only his fate but even on that of those who surround him: will he protect his people or pursue his own fortune? Juggle an intricate web of resources and relationships while keeping your enemies in the dark in this highly replayable dark tale. Only one thing is sure: escape isn’t an option anymore. A richly illustrated choose-your-own adventure with a unique narrative arc propels the player in an age renowned for its shadiness, where nothing is only what it appears to be: no clear distinction between good and evil exists, nor between friends and allies Different gameplay systems ensure a high engagement throughout each playthrough Light resource management combines with an inventory and relationship system to let you feel the weight of every decision you make More than 30 random events combine with the main narrative arc to let you experience something new each time you steep in the world of Midnight Caravan

Midnight Caravan Critic Reviews

There’s potential here for something interesting, but potential can only carry you so far... which is up until the point when you get softlocked and have to alt + tab the game.

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Midnight Caravan - Xbox One/Nintendo Switch/PC Announcement Trailer

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