Galactic Mining Corp

Windybeard, Windybeard

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Galactic Mining Corp

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General Information

Available on:PCMay 19, 2021

Developer: Windybeard

Publisher: Windybeard

Genres: Action, Simulation

Galactic Mining Corp is a game about building and expanding an intergalactic mining corporation. Head out into uncharted space and discover a universe of locations to exploit for riches! Use your ever-growing profits to expand your HQ, hire a crazy workforce, obtain new drill components and upgrade everything. Galactic Mining Corp is the highly anticipated successor to Geo! Hire more than 70 crew members with unique stats from around the galaxy to pilot your drills and power up you base. In Galactic Mining Corp everything is of value, from every bit of mud you drill to the strange space banana you hire to work in the HQ store rooms. Collect hundreds of weird and wonderful items all used to research new facilities. Locate and upgrade new drills with amazing perks, increase your powers with the extensive perk tree (the Coretrium), discover giant frozen planets, acid filled metallic moons, scorching sandy comets, dark stars and much much more! But watch out, there are a whole host of weird, dangerous, crazy and unexpected things lurking in the depths of the undiscovered planets. KEY FEATURES: Almost endless levelling of everything! From improving your facilities and promoting crew members to upgrading mud to increase its drillable value. Drill planet cores to collect core fragments to spend at the "Coretrium" perk tree to boost your stats and unlock huge rewards. Collect and record everything! Every tile you drill, every item you collect and every planet you visit adds to your value and power. Explore and unlock galaxy maps finding comets, moons, planets, and other spatial oddities; each with their own stats and loot. Expand your ever-growing headquarters by building and upgrading facilities and filling the rooms with awesome crew members. Hand-drawn art throughout creating a colourful, unique and enjoyable universe complemented by an original soundtrack. Whatever you do, you are always doing the right thing! Collect parts, research new rooms, grow your headquarters, mine an acidic gas giant, discover a space tavern, hire an alien banana creature, upgrade your toilets, get eaten by a giant space worm, fuse mud into apples... it all makes you stronger! CHARITY: A percentage of all sales of Galactic Mining Corp will go to the gaming charity "Gamers for Good" - Gamers for good is a non profit game studio on a mission to use game-related content to build awareness of charitable opportunities for gamers

Galactic Mining Corp Critic Reviews

My experience with Galactic Mining Corp definitely ticked the positive column more often than the negative. Sadly, the game's commitment to making the overall experience easy to use and accessible for everyone, means that neither side ever gets the experience they truly wanted.

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