Alphadia Genesis 2

kemco, Exe Create Inc., KEMCO
Jun 3, 2021 - Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S

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5 / 10
Pure Nintendo
7 / 10
Video Chums
6.8 / 10
Rapid Reviews UK
3 / 5
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Alphadia Genesis 2 Media

RPG Alphadia Genesis 2 - Official Trailer for Android thumbnail

RPG Alphadia Genesis 2 - Official Trailer for Android

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Critic Reviews for Alphadia Genesis 2

A departure from the publisher's more recent mobile RPG ports, Alphadia Genesis 2 sports 3D graphics, and a more reserved combat system. What remains is a throwback to the late '90s and a distinct feeling of emptiness that never really goes away.

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What you see is what you get with Alphadia Genesis 2. There's fun to be had for genre fans if you go in with the right expectations. Have you enjoyed prior KEMCO-published RPGs? If yes, this game will entertain you. It's not great, but it's not too shabby either.

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Alphadia Genesis 2 may be worth playing for its impressively nuanced story as well as its rewarding end-game challenges but besides that, it can be quite a tedious experience with a battle system and dungeon designs that generally work against it.

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Alphadia Genesis 2 continues KEMCO’s trend of re-releasing their mobile catalogue onto home consoles. Last time I reviewed Asdivine Cross on Nintendo Switch, which is another KEMCO title. Aside from the difference in name and slight gameplay variation, both titles could be mistaken for being part of the same franchise.

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