Active Life Outdoor Challenge

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchSep 3, 2021

Developer: h.a.n.d. Inc.

Publisher: Bandai Namco Games

Genre: Puzzle

ACTIVE LIFE: Outdoor Challenge introduces the Active Life mat, a durable peripheral that lets players control the on-screen action with their hands and feet when used in conjunction with a Wii Remote. The Active Life mat supports and encourages vigorous activities such as running and jumping, allowing for an energizing game experience. From kayaking to mine cart adventures and obstacle-filled races, players will be able to use a variety of hand gestures and foot movements across the Active Life mat’s eight sensor inputs to control each event. Many of the game’s events can be enjoyed in head-to-head or cooperative multiplayer modes with a single mat, letting players enjoy the rush of competition or the gratification of teamwork as they play together.

Active Life Outdoor Challenge Critic Reviews

There's nothing inherently wrong with Active Life Outdoor Challenge. It's a charming enough game with controls that are responsive enough for the most part. Its main failing is a general lack of content, and the fact that the Joy-Con and leg strap combination isn't quite as fun as the original mat the Wii version came with. Ring Fit Adventure won't be sweating over the competition, then, but Family Trainer is still a pleasant enough diversion for fans of light CV.

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Active Life Outdoor Challenge is mildly entertaining from a game standpoint and features beginner level physical activity from an exercise one.

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