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Brain Meltdown - Into Despair

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General Information

Available on:PCDec 2, 2020
Nintendo SwitchOct 28, 2021

Developer: Onfire Games

Publishers: CFK, Onfire Games

Genre: Platformer

Brain Meltdown - Into Despair is a platformer game with a unique concept, where you need to control two characters by yourself. (This is not a co-op game!) Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot. – Charles Chaplin To clear the basic difficulty level of Brain Meltdown - Into Despair, you may play 2~4 hours and try 300~500 times. It is no wonder you die several times in this game. So, do not despair in any circumstance. At first, you would feel difficult to just move two characters at the same time but after hundreds of times of despair, you will find two characters happily hopping over our beautiful map! Into Despair is also a fun game to watch others streaming their gameplay! In our game, there are several serious obstacles that may hold back players, but in the eyes of viewers, those obstacles look not that serious...well, they look so easy peasy lemon squeezy! Viewers might scream, "What an idiot! Why die there!" Never be afraid of trying this game! Even my mother cleared all stages after hundreds of times of trial. Give this game as a gift to your friends or favorite streamers!

Brain Meltdown - Into Despair Critic Reviews

Brain Meltdown Into Despair is a beautiful game that really lives up to its name. It delivers an incredibly difficult experience that changes the way you have been controlling your game character for years. Controlling two characters at once sounds easy, but it's not!

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I was not too fond of this game, but I am also not this game’s target audience. My left hand is not coordinated enough to control another character with another Joy-Con, and I have a feeling that I would have had a lot more fun with a keyboard. That being said, it is cute, it’s pretty, and it’s a very reasonable price. So I think for the right person, this game is a worthwhile investment.

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