Lucid Cycle

Tonguç Bodur, Tonguç Bodur, eastasiasoft

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Lucid Cycle

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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 5October 27, 2021
Nintendo SwitchOctober 27, 2021
PCFebruary 19, 2021
Xbox OneOctober 27, 2021
Xbox Series X/SOctober 27, 2021
PlayStation 4October 27, 2021

Developer: Tonguç Bodur

Publishers: Tonguç Bodur, eastasiasoft

Genres: Adventure, Puzzle

Sleep has the power to transport us to wonderfully enigmatic places, sometimes frightening and often unexpected. Lucid Cycle is an exploration of the concepts and experiences common to our dreams, whether it’s solving environmental puzzles without a clear purpose or journeying through a shifting landscape without knowing the final destination. Sometimes we might find ourselves in familiar places with unfamiliar circumstances or vice versa, but is there a greater meaning behind it all? Presented in a first-person perspective, Lucid Cycle casts you as the dreamer, exploring a series of short yet vivid scenarios. Make sense of each to transport yourself to the next scene. You may need to locate a hidden object, leap across platforms suspended in space or retrace your steps to find your way forward. None of these vignettes are the same, but they’re all paint on the same tapestry. Features: • Journey through a series of beautifully crafted ethereal scenarios. • Explore fully 3D environments from a first-person perspective. • Solve puzzles and overcome light platforming sequences. • Locate objects hidden in trippy locations! • Enjoy a soothing casual experience without fear of death or failure.

Lucid Cycle Critic Reviews

All in all, would I recommend this slip into the dream world? If you really enjoy this developer’s games, I say go for it for the price it’s sitting at, but even fans of walking simulators might feel cheated out of a decent experience here. Maybe I wasn’t on enough drugs to catch the real meaning behind this. Maybe I just wasn’t the target audience. With a lack of interesting gameplay, visuals, or any sense of thematic cohesion, it’s not worth the time spent. As it stands, I’d say save the $4.00 for something a little more meaningful and a little less slipshod.

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