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The Night Way Home

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General Information

Available on:PCAug 6, 2021

Developer: Chilla's Art

Publisher: Chilla's Art

Genre: Horror

The Night Way Home is a Japanese survival horror game. Rina, a junior high school student, learns that a girl who goes to the next junior high school has gone missing. As she is going home, she enters an eerie world. While being chased by an enemy, Rina searches for her home. Will Rina be able to return home safely? The Night Way Home is not a walking simulator.Supporters' content can be turned on and off on the title screen.Warning: This game can be very challenging to some players. If you are not confident with the ability to stay calm and persevere in the scariest of situations, you may find this game frustrating.There are both first and third-person perspectives, allowing you to play the game as you see fit.Depending on your play style, you can expect to spend about 2 to 4 hours playing.Immersive experience: Atmospheric graphics add to the terror.Save system: You can save the game using a payphone.VHS film aesthetics: VHS effects can be turned off in the options menu; VHS aesthetics include phosphor screen trails and bleeding of the analog video signal, VHS tape noise, interlacing, and jittering CRT that add further immersion to the horror experience. It emulates the look and feels of a screen.Psychological fear: It makes you feel like there is someone behind you during gameplay.

The Night Way Home Critic Reviews

This isn’t to say that The Night Way Home isn’t a worthwhile experience, of course. In “game” terms, it’s one of Chilla’s Art’s more satisfying titles, despite a few little bugs here and there — and, like all their more recent titles, some replay value is added through a collectible sticker element, with each sticker representing one of the duo’s Patreon backers. Just go into this one expecting an interesting horror game rather than an interactive short horror story and you’ll doubtless have a good time for an hour or so.

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[Credits BGM | エンドロール BGM] The Night Way Home | 帰り道

The Night Way Home | 帰り道 thumbnail

The Night Way Home | 帰り道

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