Tim Beaudet, Tyre Bytes LLC
Mar 30, 2021 - PC
4.5 / 10
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Eggcelerate! Media

Eggcelerate! Coming to Steam March 30th thumbnail

Eggcelerate! Coming to Steam March 30th

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Critic Reviews for Eggcelerate!

This title just doesn't bring enough to the indie market for the price it's being sold at. If at all possible, my final suggestion would be trying to get a mobile version up and running. I really think Eggcelerate! would crush it on the IOS and Android markets. However, as it stands now, the Winter Expansion doesn't really add enough to justify paying $8 for it, the base game feels more like trial-and-error than a test of skill, and there's little to no reason for me to beat the allotted time in this time trial racer. Pick it up if it seems fun, but I would recommend waiting for improvements.

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