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Panmorphia: Awakened

Apr 28, 2022 - Nintendo Switch, PC
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Panmorphia: Awakened by LKMAD

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Critic Reviews for Panmorphia: Awakened

Overall, this game is pretty; it’s interesting and different. But sometimes, the solutions were just so far from what you would assume the answer would be that it made it super difficult to continue. It wasn’t even just a matter of getting used to changing forms on every screen to see what was different from each perspective; it was more like trying to think of answers to puzzles illogically. The item trapped in the ice was not removed by the ice pick; it instead had to be removed by sunlight. A chamber filled with crystals was not broken apart by something like an axe but a tuning fork. Since I am not very experienced with games like this, I would have loved a hint system to help me through the weirder answers. That being said, this game is beautiful and interesting. I would certainly be interested in playing the other two Panmorphia games, just to see all the different ways that each of the four transformations are used. That being said, I would not recommend this game to anyone new to the genre, as this game has no tutorial.

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