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Qualia Interactive
Feb 23, 2024 - PC
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Critic Reviews for Shockwaves

Shockwaves has a simple concept that is unique. The puzzles are challenging and fun, and the game has a ton of replay value. If you enjoy 2048-type games and you are looking for a lot of fun for cheap, Shockwaves is not a bad choice. It’s one of those incredibly clever number games that you will find yourself going back to play again and again. It reminded me a lot of Num One, a game that I adore and keep downloaded on my PC to play when I have a few extra minutes and don’t want to dive into a complex game. It’s fun, colorful, simple, and has satisfying action on the number movement. I can’t recommend Shockwaves enough to those who like number puzzles and are looking for a new and unique challenge.

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