Brainchild Studios
Mar 18, 2015 - Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S
3 / 10
Pure Xbox
6 / 10
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Orbit Media

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Critic Reviews for Orbit

In the end, Orbit's use of gravity is an interesting and cool idea, but it is let down by the mediocrity present in the rest of the game. You are much better served spending your money on a game that will allow you multiple ways to play rather than on Orbit and the baffling decision to leave out single player or online multiplayer. These omissions will likely lead to many gamers purchasing this game for the concept, and then rarely (if ever) starting it up again.

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The unfortunate truth of Orbit is that it's a well built, incredibly fun title that you'll rarely be able to play. It's best enjoyed by three to four players as this will crank up the chaos and avoid the lulls that often occur in two player when both fall into a rhythm of repeatedly smashing themselves into the sun. Alone, the player can only view the tutorial and dream of all the fun they could be having if they had three extra controllers and three people who wanted to engage in beautifully designed space warfare. Once you gather these resources however, you'll have a blast!

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