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Dreamfall Chapters - Book Four: Revelations

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General Information

Available on:PCDec 3, 2015

Developer: Red Thread Games

Genre: Interactive Story

This is the fourth and penultimate episode of Dreamfall Chapters - Book Four: Revelations.

Dreamfall Chapters - Book Four: Revelations Critic Reviews

While exploration takes something of a backseat this time around, the result means Revelations sets up a grand finale for Dreamfall Chapters. Previous player choices make some big impacts throughout, and it's clear there'll be more to come thanks to some key scenes in Book Four. With the game engine's upgrade to Unity 5 a huge success, let's hope that Red Thread Games can focus on delivering an engaging conclusion to Zoe and Kian's journey.

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Dreamfall Chapters Book Four: Revelations continues where Book Three: Realms left off, keeping the action flowing quickly to prevent boredom creeping in, and upping the ante in the puzzle stakes. Locations change regularly, the mix of conundrum types is more varied than before, and the dialogue feels fresher than it ever did, with witty banter causing raucous laugh-out-loud moments, adjusting the tone appropriately to avoid the seriousness of some of the subject matter from becoming too sombre in the long run. There is talk of the 'Balance' throughout the game's story… Well, Red Thread Games has certainly achieved the perfect balance with this fourth book.

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