Invisible, Inc. Contingency Plan

Klei Entertainment
Nov 12, 2015 - PC
5 / 10
8 / 10
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Invisible, Inc. Contingency Plan Media

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Invisible. Inc: Contingency Plan Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Invisible, Inc. Contingency Plan


Borja 'VodKaVK' Henry Vilar Martos
5 / 10.0

Contingency Plan doesn't fix any issues or break the game; rather, it seems to be more catered to those proficient at it, and that can take that leap of difficulty and crave a bigger and longer challenge. More content is always appreciated, but here it becomes superfluous, as it adds no interesting twist to the gameplay..

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It's hard to think of any downsides to this DLC. For those that liked Invisible, Inc., this is simply more of it, and for squad-based strategy fans there's even more reason to get it now. The only group to whom this might not be too appealing, is the one that has thoroughly burned out on the original the first time. Contingency Plan is a solid package, but those that have seen everything that Invisible, Inc. had to offer, it's probably not going to be enough to make them come back.

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