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General Information

Available on:PCJan 22, 2016

Developer: Vladimir Maslov

Genre: Puzzle

Pythagoria is a brain-teasing number puzzle game. The puzzle is simple to explain: find the missing value, which is denoted by a question mark highlighted in color. The only mathematics you need to know to get started is that the area of a rectangle is the length multiplied by the width. Only basic math knowledge is required to understand and solve the puzzles. Here’s what makes the puzzle hard: you are not allowed to use fractions in the solutions. All area puzzles can be solved using only whole numbers. Pythagoria is fun, brain-teasing puzzle game made for all ages. Solve the area puzzles from easier ones to harder ones, and remember that some of problems need kind of inspiration to solve.

Pythagoria Critic Reviews

In fact, if you've looked at the screenshots, read this, and thought, "Goodness me, John's an idiot," then this is the game for you! I can't tell you where it goes in the later puzzles (there are 60 in total), as they unlock one at a time.

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