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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Mar 15, 2016
Xbox OneFeb 12, 2016
PCOct 23, 2015

Developer: West Coast Software

Genre: Adventure

The year is 2021, and Genoq has become a leading corporation in bio-medical research. However the tower, some 90 stories high, is not all that it seems. Somewhere within the tower, highly illegal bio-weapons research has been conducted in secret. June 26th, disaster strikes and the lethal organic weapons have escaped and threaten not only the staff members stranded in the tower, but the world itself. You arrive on the 80th floor with an urgent package addressed to Derrida, the lead scientist at Genoq working on the bio-weapons research. Set back from your goal, you must climb the tower, assisting those in need or focusing solely on your task at hand, and stopping the virus from escaping the tower and threatening all life on the planet. Will you help the stranded survivors or hinder them? Can you deliver the package to Derrida in time? Can you prevent the impending catastrophe and escape with your life?

D/Generation HD Reviews

D/Generation: The Original frustrates while it intrigues. If you're up for an, at times, cruel challenge, this game will keep you hooked.  I do think $14.99 is high when compared to other retro offerings on Nintendo Switch, though. This game is a classic, but this port is pretty bare bones.

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D/Generation HD is a game that is a product of the early 90s. Story? Not much. Scenario? Ridiculous. However, what it does bring from that era is character and gameplay that all too often today are replaced by graphical flashiness. This is an unashamedly retro experience and even with the (gamebreaking) bugs we found, the urge to finish the game remains strong. To us, that stands in its favour. However, this isn't going to be for everyone, and there's no getting around the fact that if you're unlucky, you won't be able to finish the game. Add to this the relatively high price point of £19.99 and it turns into a product that we can't really, in good conscience, give a recommendation to. Fans of the original will enjoy it as a slice of nostalgia, but that's about it.

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