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General Information

Available on:PCMar 1, 2016

Developer: Cosmillica

Publisher: Sekai Project

Genre: Interactive Story

Returning to Las Vegas from studying abroad in the island nation of Yamato, Jessica L. Huster comes back to lead her gang “The 99th Floor”, only to find out her family is in trouble with the dominating mafia boss Big E. Jessica and her friend Anna come together to face their troubles however Jessica’s cousin Very could turn out to be a "very" big problem for them. Follow Jessica L. Huster as she returns home to the crime-ridden streets of America. This is a kinetic novel about some of the worst humanity has to offer. It contains strong language, violence, and disturbing subject matter. Viewer discretion advised. The linear story includes 13 chapters, or approximately 3 hours of reading.

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ATOM GRRRL!! doesn’t sit right with me.

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