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Audio Arena (VR)

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General Information

Available on:Oculus RiftMar 28, 2016

Developer: Skydome Studios

Genres: Music, Action

Audio Arena is a single player arena game in which the gameplay is generated by music. The arena stretches 360 degrees around you and the enemies get spawned on the beat of the music. Dodge your enemies using headtilt controls. Powerups are placed in the arena to kill your foes. Picking them up on the beat of the music increases your sync bonus for higher scores. At the end of the song you score will be recorded, if you can make it that far.

Audio Arena (VR) Critic Reviews

Audio Arena is a fairly simple game offered at a budget price that makes it fair value for what you are getting. It is a nice little rhythm game that does feel a little gimmicky, but still delivers on what it sets out to do in creating a somewhat casual yet still challenging action experience.

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