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Cutie Clash

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General Information

Available on:Wii UFeb 11, 2016

Developer: Yazar Media Group

Genre: Platformer

Puke your guts out for glory! Welcome to the swamp! You're a lowly swamp chicken looking to become King. You need to vomit and bomb your way to the top. In this 5-player vomit brawler all rounds are one hit K.O. and matches go to the first chicken with five wins. Defend your swamp crown round after round! May the best chicken win!

Cutie Clash Critic Reviews

Cutie Clash is a missed opportunity by Yazar Media Group. There is a skeleton of a fun experience here, but without any single player options or any other content besides the main game, along with poor controls, it feels rushed and unfinished. Cutie Clash has a big personality; it's a shame the scope is so small.

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