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Star Sky 2

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General Information

Available on:Wii UApr 14, 2016
PCMar 2, 2016

Developer: Marten Jonsson

Publisher: JMJ Interactive

Genres: Interactive Story, Adventure

Explore the world around you, the magic that surrounds it. Learn the ways of the nature, the mountains and caves, snow-filled tundras and serene lakes. Uncover the different courses life can take. Star Sky 2 is a personal experience, and a deeply atmospheric and meditative experience. Walk through the landscapes, interact with the environment and take notice as you go along. Explore the different roads presented and enjoy the sound and sights of the world. In Star Sky 2 Mårten Jonsson continues the story set by the previous one, with a similar style of gameplay. There are more choices and most importantly, more consequences. Learn from the choices you make, and see the different paths a life can take, and the scenarios that unfold. The game is a slow experience meant as a way to get lost in your thoughts, to feel the game as you are playing, and most importantly, to simply relax. Goodnight, and may you find what you're seeking beneath the stars.

Star Sky 2 Critic Reviews

A lot of the enjoyment is still left up to the player and their expectations, with little inherent substance to grab and keep direct hold of your attention for long. It's a difficult experience to pin a score on for this reason, but despite the improvements, we're still left wanting something more from any future installments.

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