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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4May 20, 2016
Xbox OneMay 20, 2016
PCMay 20, 2016

Developer: Fractal Box

Publishers: Plug In Digital, Moving Player

Genre: Puzzle

Armed only with your logic and your Kube, move through the 150 levels outwitting the traps in the System, an evil, scheming entity, to confront the machine and pass the test! Discover lots of special Kubes with some surprising effects, and advance through the different game backdrops in Classik or Hardkore mode. In Cubikolor your logic will be severely tested against a formidable enemy. Roll, go up, go down and rewind time to explore all the options and reach the locks in each level. Keep an eye on the time and move limits!

Cubikolor Critic Reviews


Cubikolor is a fun and colorful puzzle game on Nintendo Switch that will prove to be a challenge for even the most skilled of puzzle funs. The 150 levels on offer will slowly but surely ramp up the difficulty as you progress through this colorful and minimalist puzzler. Do you have what it takes to beat every stage with a Gold medal?

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Whilst Cubikolor is not a bad game, it lacks the imagination and something special to make it stand out from the crowd. It's an interesting title for a quick pick-up-and-play but is nowhere near as gripping as it could be, given that the core idea behind the gameplay is fairly interesting. Unless you're an absolute puzzle fanatic, you can safely skip it.

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The game tries to tell a basic story, but it’s very unnecessary and badly written; if ever there was an example of a game genre that doesn’t require any overarching narrative, then this is it

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If you have an ability to think spatially and plot things out in your mind CubiKolor will be a worthy challenge to consider. There are times when the camera can be tricky as you try to get a good position and depending on how things are oriented you can sometimes move in the wrong direction but for the most part this is a well-implemented, if simple at its core, puzzle experience. If you’re been looking for a puzzle challenge quite different from what’s already available on the Switch, CubiKolor definitely stands out as unique.

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Cubikolor - Trailer (2015)

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