Dreamfall Chapters Book Five: Redux

Red Thread Games
Jun 17, 2016 - PC
5 / 10
Digital Outburst
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Dreamfall Chapters REDUX trailer

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Critic Reviews for Dreamfall Chapters Book Five: Redux

Dreamfall Chapters Book Five: Redux may well be the fitting conclusion to this episodic series for many in story terms, and leaves it open enough to see a return in the (hopefully not too distant) future, but it is not anywhere near as enjoyable on the gameplay front as its predecessors. Looking at all five books together would mean that Dreamfall would shine bright, but on its own, Book Five: Redux is nothing more than a lengthy interactive movie sequence to try and wrap up loose plot threads. Highly pleasing on one level, it sadly leaves a big question lingering: why did it take so long to release this given the lack of actual puzzles and adventuring included? Poor integration of past characters and confusion over how everything actually fits together during the final sequences only add to the already mudded waters.

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Book Five may have been more about reaching the conclusion than making choices, but a few unexpected twists in both the plot & gameplay make the last leg of the journey an eventful one. Ultimately, Redux delivers an emotionally satisfying finale to one of the greatest and most diverse stories told in adventure gaming.

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