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Trial By Viking

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General Information

Available on:PCMar 29, 2016

Developer: Last Life Games

Genres: Action, Adventure

Trial by Viking is a deep action adventure through the dark worlds of the Norse gods. As an agent of Odin, you will explore cavernous dungeons hunting for treasure, race for your life from surprise traps, and have vicious axe battles with blood-thirsty kobolds. Loki has left some tricky obstacles in your path, but you will find powerful equipment, trusty friends, and many secrets to help along the way. If you make it far enough, you will even learn to dash through enemies, jump off of walls, and fly swinging through the air using your trusted grappling hook. Are you viking enough to face the worst terrors the nine worlds has to offer?ards

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This game is definitely worth your time and money, so go buy it and show some support for this talented developer.

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For anyone looking for a solid platforming experience, I would avoid Trial by Viking like the plague.

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